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    Trust Our Experience

    van Wensem & Vukets.

    Chartered Professional Accountants & Business Consultants

    George van Wensem has over 25 years of experience in the public accounting world, dealing with small businesses, not-for-profit agencies, estate executors and individuals. George and his team work closely with each client to ensure their needs are individually addressed.

    Let George and his team become part of your business, financial, and tax solution!

    Well Established

    Service Across the Continent

    Operating from two locations, in BC’s lower mainland and on Vancouver Island, van Wensem & Vukets services clients locally as well as across the continent from San Francisco to Edmonton, utilizing the latest technologies to efficiently communicate and share information.

    Feel free to browse our Testimonials Page to see what others have to say.

    Our Services

    Our services include:

    • Owner – operated business – from start up to sale, and everything in between
    • Tax planning for individuals and their corporations
    • Business expansion to or from Canada and the United States
    • Canadian non-resident taxation
    • Estate and trust taxation
    • Not-for-profit and Charity reporting
    • Individual tax planning and reporting
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