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Starting a Small Business

New to business? Becoming self-employed? Starting a contract? If so you need to know how to register your business, how to comply with income tax, sales taxes, and payroll and other taxes, and how to keep a set of books.

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Estate Taxation

Van Wensem and Associates have the expertise to guide you through the estate planning process.

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International Business

Wanting to expand your business into Canada or the United States? Van Wensem & Associates can guide you through the process

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Trusts can be used by individuals and families for a variety of reasons. Trusts can provide tax benefits, can be an effective way of protecting assets from creditors, and can be used to provide benefits to any number of beneficiaries, without the beneficiary having any legal title or claims to the assets providing the benefits.

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Owner Operated Businesses

We assist businesses wherever the needs are, filling gaps in small business management and control, including everything from managing your payroll to managing a multi-million dollar merger.

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Our Certified Quickbooks Advisors provide support and training to clients daily.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning involves arranging one’s business and personal affairs in such a way as to minimize the overall amount of tax paid. Let us help you by using our experience and knowledge to strategically position your business for success!

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Personal Tax Returns

Looking for a personal tax accountant? George van Wensem has over 25 years of experience in personal tax accounting. His experience covers personal tax returns for small business owners, rental property owners, and anyone else with complex tax returns.

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