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Canadian Taxation for Non-Residents of Canada

If you are a non-resident individual, trust or corporation and you are:

  • expanding business into Canada
  • hiring Canadian based employees or transferring employees into Canada
  • selling your products or services in Canada from abroad
  • conducting Canadian and international internet sales
  • buying or selling a second home or vacation property in Canada
  • receiving Canadian source income
  • an ex-pat living / working in Canada
  • a Dual US/Canada citizen
  • selling or transferring products to related entities across international boundaries
  • having other cross-border taxation issues

then you need professional advice to manage your income tax and business affairs. George van Wensem and his smallbiztax team have over twenty years Canada/United States cross-border tax and consulting experience. Our approach is to treat each client and situation uniquely, consulting and co-coordinating with government agencies and other industry, tax and legal professionals where required.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Determining the correct legal structure for your situation
  • Advising on capitalizing your Canadian company
  • Determining what taxes need to be collected and filing the necessary registrations and on-going filings
  • Calculating capital gains on sales of property and filing the necessary non-resident withholding certificates and clearance forms.
  • Payroll administration
  • Outsourced controller functions
  • Filing individual and corporate income tax, GST/HST and payroll tax forms
  • Assistance with purchase and sale of Canadian real estate
  • Ensuring foreign tax credits are optimized
  • Assistance with cross-border transfer pricing decisions and compliance
  • Canada / United States tax treaty interpretation

Cross border taxation can be very complex, and is ever changing - so it’s vital to get started on the right path. Contact George van Wensem today!



CRA Publication: Doing Business in Canada
CRA information for Businesses: International and non-resident taxes
CRA information for non-residents of Canada
CRA information for Immigrants to Canada

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