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“I met George when I moved to the coast in 1996 where he has been doing both my personal and business accounting since that time. He has proven to be exceptional at his profession, is an absolute pleasure to deal with and is a wonderful man. ”

~Morley Myren, Remax

“I have had the double pleasure to work with George as a colleague and as a client! Working with him as a colleague I gained valuable insight into his work ethic and knowledge so much so that I'm hiring him to do the year end work for my current employer! I highly recommend George for all and any accounting services he provides.”

~Lorrie Vereggen-Sipka, Controller: Cupcakes by Heather & Lori

“George has been my accountant for more than 24 years with 5 different companies that I have owned and he also handles my family personal taxes as they are intertwined with my businesses. George has been extremely diligent and detailed in the handling of my companies accounting needs. I would highly recommend George and his company if you are looking for a professional accounting firm.”

~Larry Hamblin, President Hamblin group of companies

“George has provided my family, my husband and me with excellent accounting services every year since 1996. Not only has he done our yearly taxes, but he also handled my parents' estates when they passed away and has fielded many specific inquires from us. At all times, he has been professional, accurate, and very pleasant to do business with. I highly recommend him.”

~Sheena Ashdown

“I’ve had the privilege of working with George over the last couple of years for both business and personal accounting. When I was looking for an accountant, I was looking for someone who was honest, current on accounting issues and practices, approachable, responsive, and easy to deal with. George came highly recommended to me by a close friend and has met every one of my requirements. George has been a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

~Mark Grosjean

“As we enter our 26th year of supplying and installing fireplaces on behalf of builders, developers and homeowners, we note that for 15 years you have provided us with solid accounting support on matters of taxation, financial planning, payroll administration and the publication of annual financial statements. Your guidance and advice on the statutory requirements of cross-border trading was of particular assistance to us. The success of our company continues to depend on sound financial controls and we appreciate the advice and support you have provided us over the years. ”

~Eric Lewtas, President Delco Fireplace Ltd

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